BAU Print & Mail specializes in full service seminar marketing.  For the last 22 years, we have been focused on helping our clients grow their business. We know the importance of expanding your client base and the challenges this goal presents. BAU is here to make your job easier. We have the experience needed to get your dinner seminars filled with qualified prospects that you can meet in a casual setting. We handle all aspects of your seminar planning, including: leads, invitation design, printing, mailing and RSVP services.  With seminar topics ranging from estate planning, social security, retirement, to taxes, long term care and many others, we successfully market all types of seminars.

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You can trust BAU to effectively market your next seminar. We have been marketing seminars for the last 25 years and have mailed over 15 million invitations in the last 5 years alone.
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I've been a BAU customer for almost six years and I highly recommend them. Customer service is very important to us and BAU has always treated us as a priority. With BAU's help, we've met and exceeded our goals for client acquisition over the years and at a lower cost than other mail houses charge.

- June 2021
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